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Chub Bivvy Pegs

This pack of ten eight-inch pegs is ideal for pegging down bivvies and brollies to ensure they don’t blow away even in the harshest of conditions.

Chub Bivvy Pegs are manufactured using insert tooling to ensure that the sure-grip T-handle stays firmly moulded onto the shaft while screwing the pegs into the ground no matter hoe hard the ground.


  • Supplied in a rugged and well-designed carrying case
  • Thread point
  • Easy grip handles

Chub Bivvy PegsVerdict
There’s no doubt that some bivvies and shelters come with ropey pegs, so it can pay dividends to get yourself a decent set that are built to last – and these are. A quality set of pegs in a smart carry case that will keep your pride and joy pegged down and secure.

Available from: Sportfish

Price £14.99