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Chub Bivvy Table

Keep all your bits and pieces in order with this lightweight and robust bivvy table from Chub; a must for any self respecting bivvy! This remarkably lightweight aluminium bivvy table is extremely rigid in construction offering the angler a strong and level platform for storing a tackle box, accessories, phone etc.

The table is fitted with individually adjustable anti-twist legs, each with their own locking mechanism giving excellent stability even when fully extended. It’s designed to fold flat for easy storage in its own carry bag and comes fitted with non-slide feet.


  • Lightweight flat design
  • Powder coated aluminium top
  • Adjustable fold down & anti-twist legs
  • Fully adjustable leg-locking mechanism
  • Non slide feet
  • Carry bag

Chub Bivvy TableVerdict
Chub have been making quite a reputation for themselves in recent years, providing products that do what we want them to do and last like we want them to last! This bivvy table is the perfect example. Robust design, quality features and sensibly priced. Highly rated.

Available from: Sportfish

Price £31.99