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Chub Bivvy Tension Bars

Chub Bivvy Tension Bars are perfect for improving stability and strength on pram hood style bivvies.

They offer extra support in adverse weather conditions by strengthening the spine of the bivvy and can also be used on most competitors one & two man bivvies in the market. Each pole consists of two alloy bars and an adjustable thumb screw.


  • Overall dimensions: L – 82 cm extendable to 123cm
  • Colour: Green and black
  • Body Material: Light alloy
  • Screw Fitting Material: impact resistant plastic
  • Overall Weight: 688g
  • Three per pack

Chub Bivvy Tension BarsVerdict
Good quality tensioning bars, ideal for use as replacements or as extra bars to improve strength when the wind picks up!

Available from: Sportfish

Price £14.99