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Fox Eclipse Bivvy

Let’s face it, there’s nothing new about a pram hood design bivvy. However, what is new is the amount of innovation that Fox have put into the run of the mill conventional pram hood to create the stunning Fox Eclipse Bivvy – without doubt the most versatile pram hood on the market that can adapt to the needs of any angler on any session.

What impresses most anglers about this bivvy is the number of configurations it offers- the list is mind-boggling! Take the front system, for example, which can be used in up to 16 separate configurations to suit all types of anglers and weather conditions! And, all of this comes in the Eclipse package. Unlike other bivvy manufacturers, Fox don’t charge you extra for additional features like a PVC window, Frame Support System or Groundsheet. You get it all!

Fox Eclipse BivvyThe Fox Eclipse Bivvy is supplied with a FREE dome package which includes: Frame Support System, Removable PVC door, Heavy-duty bivvy pegs, Reinforced bivvy peg bag, Over-sized, heavy duty carry bag, Clip-in groundsheet.

It’s about time somebody moved on the conventional pram hood design, which if we’re honest has been a bit stagnant in recent years with little to choose from between the different brands. It’s often the down side to a pram hood bivvies that they are not as versatile as some of the shelter designs, but these areas have now been firmly addressed by the team at Fox… and then some! 

At the time of writing, Fishtec are currently doing the 1 Man Fox Eclipse Bivvy for just £339.99 and the 2 Man at £389.99.

1 Man Fox Eclipse Bivvy Wrap – £164.99
2 Man Fox Eclipse Bivvy Wrap – £179.99

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