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Fox Soft Touch Bivvy pegs

Whilst you can get away with cheap bivvy pegs a lot of the time (or tent pegs, as anyone else would call them!), the times when you need decent pegs are the time when you would miss them the most. I’m talking about dry conditions, when the ground is rock solid and cheap pegs bend, and stormy conditions, when you lie on your bedchair praying that everything holds together!

This is when you’ll be relived that you bought the Fox Soft touch Bivvy Pegs.

This set of 8 steel bivvy
pegs provides a safe means of anchoring bivvies and domes in bad

The rubber inserts allow for a secure grip and the steel
screw thread means they will cope with ground with ease.

Supplied in a
cloth wallet to ensue the points don ‘t damage other products in

Fox Bivvy Pegs

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