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Fox Easy Dome

Dome shaped bivvies are what many anglers perceive as ‘real’ bivvies and there’s a lot to be said for their sturdy designs. In the past, these bivvies were often cumbersome and took a while to set up and take down. Not any longer – the Fox Easy Dome is a carp angler’s dream!

The easy dome is ideal for short session anglers who want the additional comfort and protection of a dome style shelter. The outer shell is made from 4oz reinforced nylon that reduces weight, yet provides excellent stability and weather resistance. Utilising lightweight composite poles help the easy dome retain its shape and provide addition-alrigidity. Easy to erect and pack away, allowing you to squeeze extra fishing time in without having to worry about setting up and breaking down camp.

  • Built in PE groundsheet inner, totally eliminating drafts
  • Mosquito mesh panel on inner door
  • Erection time 3 minutes
  • Integral front porch provides extra storage space
  • Measures 2.5m x 1.97m x 1.43m

Fox Easy Dome

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