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JRC’s 2005 Roamer Dome has been given a face lift and now features the same ‘5000’ material as used on all the 2005 (and onwards) bivvies. Long section easy erect reinforced P.V.C coated poles are now standard features.

The design of the Roamer Dome allows it to be used in a low and wide style as well as the upright position whilst the tapered door shape gives a much wider field of view. But thats not all; the Roamer Dome can be used brolly style by simply rolling back the sides and door and removing the detachable ground sheet.

5000mm Hydrostatic head waterproofed outer skin, Tape sealed seams, Supplied with detachable waterproof ground sheet, Reinforced P.V.C coated ‘easy thread’ poles, Multi position tapered zip door with P.V.C window and mosquito mesh sides, Bar stitched reinforced pegging points, Bar sitiched reinforced guy rope points, Supplied with peg set.

SPECIFICATION: 225cm deep, 260cm wide, 140cm high,

Optional Extras
ROAMER DOME WINTER SKIN £39.99 – The Roamer Dome can be uprated with the addition of the purpose built winter skin. Made from the same material as the Roamer Dome itself, it’s completely waterproof and has taped seams. Perfect for reducing condensation and incresing warmth during the colder months the winter skin will also increase stability by clamping your Roamer Dome to the deck. Winter Skin FEATURES: 5000mm Hydrostatic head waterproofed material, Tape sealed seams, Bar stitched reinforced guy rope points, Bar stitched reinforced pegging points.

RRP of £89.99

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