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Nash Double Top Professional Bivvy

I’m usually a devoted brolly user, but with the colder months fast approaching it’s clear more protection from the English elements will soon be needed…

I’ve been very impressed with how the professional has preformed. As well as being of the sturdy and quick erection pram hood design the Mk 2 has some handy features which really do benefit you particularly during extreme conditions!!!

  1. Nash Double Top Professional BivvyThe “Peak” shelters the porch area during head on wind and rainy conditions though you need to get used to it being there and watch your head when you run out for a take.
  2. The unique inner twin skin compartment and design enables a mozzi net set-up and extra warmth during sub zero temperatures. It also means it’s all one set up, no overwrap is needed. Mozzi side windows and a clear front door panel give you a much wider view when you’re inside.
  3. The door mat I thought was a pretty awesome feature that lets you to get the area in front of you while you sit on your bedchair, as muddy as you want and then allows you to take it out and wipe the mud off easily without needing to clean the entire groundsheet, or if you prefer just leave it to turn a camo brown colour and not worry!!
  4. There is a sewn in ground sheet which saves time when setting up and packing down and makes sure non of them creepy crawlies can get inside.
  5. Free tension bars and T pegs supplied ensure a rock solid bivvy which literally cant be budged even in the extreme conditions where it must be said I would be a lot worse off in my brolly.

So far my only grunts are its obviously heavier than my brolly, but even as someone who insists on quite a mobile approach I can’t really fault this bivvy and will most definitely be putting it to good use through the winter months. An absolute must for anyone who wants a cosy carping home!!

All the best,

Josh Hillman

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