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NASH FS Titan Viper TT Chameleon

The King of bivvies. The Viper™ is rated as 1.5 man, although it is so roomy that it will accommodate two bedchairs at a squeeze.

Produced in the legendary Rainmaster™ fabric and featuring TT (Tension Technology) the frame has a dark green finish and dramatic curved front ribs. The Viper ™ is a show-stopper – aggressive, mean and ready to front Mother Nature to the end. The world’s best-selling carp angling shelter, the Viper™ is renowned for its legendary strength and speed of set-up.

The majority of Nash umbrellas and bivvies feature Rainmaster™ developed by one of the UK’s top fabric companies to provide increased insulation, water-proofing and reduces condensation drip. The letters TT stand for Tension Technology, another brilliant Nash innovation. Featuring on all Titans and the Globetrotter, TT suspends the cover from the frame on elasticated loops, keeping the fabric taut no matter what the weather, and takes the pressure off seams and stitching. Condensation drip is the bugbear of all carp anglers and Nash is the only company to combat this problem head on. TT keeps the bivvy skin tight no matter what the temperature, so when other bivvies sag and droop in winter, which inevitably leads to increased condensation drip – and sometimes even leaks – the TT automatically adjusts to keep the skin under tension, and you warm and dry. Thanks to pioneering design and technology, rain and condensation will run off the tensioned skin like water off a duck’s back.

Nash Chameleon – Unique Chameleon™ is a camouflage specifically designed for carp anglers. It is based on native water plants in their growing season, the months we most like to fish. Fish with Chameleon™, Viper™ or Hi-Top™ and you’ll blend perfectly with nature.

FRAME – Super-strong, rigid, pre-formed aluminium frame capable of withstanding hurricane force winds. Rapid set-up. COVER Rainmaster™ material. TT – Tension Technology to eliminate condensation drip. INFILL FRONT PANEL – Zip on/off infill. Side panels can be clipped back to enhance vision/ventilation. Side panels feature zip-up ‘blinds’ to reveal clear, see-through windows. Door features zip-up panel to expose storm window. The storm window is removable to fit mosquito window. (optional extra). Door can be clipped fully open or part way down in rainy conditions. Viper™ TT supplied with clip-in/removable heavyweight groundsheet.

Weight of bivvy 7.6kgs – Supplied with carrybag

Supplied with 18 Nash Stealth 8” pegs.
Supplied with 2 x 36” bivvy sticks and storm stick adaptors to prevent lift in forward facing winds.

Viper Winter Skin Chameleon RRP £129.00 (pictured below in Olive).

Viper Extreme Canopy Chameleon RRP £209.00 (pictured below in Olive).

Viper Heavy Duty Groundsheet RRP £39.99

FS Viper TT Olive RRP £389.00

FS Viper TT Chameleon £329 at: Hooked Tackle & Bait
Viper Winter Skin Chameleon £119.00 at:
Hooked Tackle & Bait

Viper Extreme Canopy Chameleon at £199.00 at:
Hooked Tackle & Bait