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TF Gear Bedchair Organiser

If you like to travel light and don’t want the extra weight of a bivvy table, but could do with easy access storage for all your session fishing essentials, this bedchair organiser from TFG could be just the ticket. It’s great for storing all your personal items when out fishing and keeps everything in its place.

There’s nothing worse than having to root around for your car keys, torch, lighter or whatever else you need in a hurry, so a handy organiser like this will ensure everything is to hand when you need it.

TF Gear Bedchair OrganiserFeatures

  • Essential organisation
  • Hardcase to protect glasses
  • Velcro Safely attaches to the bedchair frame
  • Large zipped pocket for wallets, etc
  • Small zipped pocket for keys, etc
  • External pockets for mobile phone, etc

Great lightweight storage solution which allows you to do away with a bivvy table. Great for the short stay angler who likes to travel light.

Available from: Fishtec

Price: £10.99