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TF Gear Force 8 Bivvy

In a word…VALUE
In a market already saturated with dome shelters, it can sometimes be difficult to see the advantages of one new offering over another, but the TF Gear Force 8 bivvy stands out on a number of counts, not least on price and features, which can only be a good starting point!

Product Review
Effortlessly set up in less than 20 seconds. The TFG Force 8 Bivvy is fast and easy to erect thanks to a central hub system that quickly pulls a rigid flexi rib frame into place. It is then just a case of sliding the Flash-Touch power lock into position, and this incredible all season shelter is ready to go.

TF Gear Force 8 BivvyThe bivvy is twinned skinned to maximise comfort creating a warm, thermally insulated and condensation free environment guaranteeing full protection against the worst weather imaginable. Designed with an integrated porch area that gives extra storage space for wet clothing, bait and any other session tackle you do not wish to have within your main living space, the Force 8 Bivvy also provides vital extra frontal coverage during extreme weather conditions.

The bivvy boasts an impressive specification, pushing others of the same price band firmly into the distance;

  • 3,000mm hydrostatic head – the TFG Force 8 Bivvy is 100% waterproof guaranteed
  • Heavy duty 6oz denier fabric
  • Extra tough ribs to withstand the strongest winds
  • Porch for extra storage and protection
  • Erected in under 20 seconds
  • Built-in groundsheet for extra warmth and comfort

Brand Synopsis
Although a relative newcomer to the industry, the TF Gear brand, headed up by all-round angling supremo Matt Hayes, has quickly become established as a major player in the fishing tackle market. TF Gear offer innovative ranges to suit all budgets, with products backed up by continuous development and design. Definitely a brand here to stay.

Dome bivvies suffered quite a bad press in the early days as you spent more time threading (and breaking!) fiddly poles than you did fishing, but the Force 8 shelter heralds a new era in dome style bivvy design with its easy to use central hub system, and the price just can’t be ignored either. To borrow the words of Fat Boy Slim, ‘you’ve come a long way baby!’

Recommended Merchant
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TF Gear Force 8 Bivvy