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TF Gear X-Shell Bivvy

The TF Gear X-Shell Bivvy must surely be one of the cheapest pram hood style bivvies available. OK, it’s not loaded with features, but it’s stripped out spec means it comes in well under budget and offers a cracking entry level or occasional carp bivvy that does exactly what it says on the tin.

Built on the proven pram hood design, the fantastic TFGear X-Shell Bivvy is built to withstand the fiercest winds and driving rains. The bivvy features aero-grade fibre glass poles to greatly reduce weight without compromising on strength.

Taped seams, reinforced stitching and heavy duty pegging points all ensure you will remain warm, dry and comfortable whatever the weather.

TF Gear X-Shell BivvyFeatures

  • Extreme strength to withstand the worst weather
  • 100% waterproof
  • Multiple door opening options
  • The TFGear X-Shell Bivvy has a detachable groundsheet to increase warmth
  • Lightweight and easy to erect
  • Heavy duty pegging points

People sometimes moan about the price of carp fishing tackle – we say they aren’t looking hard enough! Coming in at under seventy quid, the TF Gear X-Shell Bivvy can’t help but impress.

Available from: Fishtec

Price: £69.99 (also available: Wrap £49.99, Tension Bar £14.99)