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TFGear Force 8 Specialist

The Matt
Hayes Total Fishing Gear (TFG) range of tackle has really taken the
fishing world by storm. Why? Because it’s well designed, well made and
well affordable, that’s why!

Matt doesn’t just put his name to any old
rubbish. TFG tackle is testament to that. Buy a TFG bivvy, or any TFG
shelter, and you can expect a quality product that will give you years
of use. And TFG isn’t just aimed at those into carp fishing – the range
will appeal to all coarse fishing anglers.

Force 8 Specialist offers
the ultimate all weather protection to the dedicated specialist angler.
Erected in under 20 seconds, this dynamic bivvy has all the advantages
of the best umbrella systems, ultra lightweight, speed, and increased
visibility, yet can be converted into an all season bivvy by simply
zipping on its protective storm door. If that wasn’t enough this
remarkable shelter is supplied with a detachable hurricane shell, which
creates the ultimate survival environment to combat the most extreme
weather imaginable.

  • 5,000mm hydrostatic head – 100%
  • All season
  • FREE hurricane shell – creates twin skin
    survival environment
  • Ultra
  • Ultimate
  • Erected in under 20
  • Aerospace aluminium poles for ultimate

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TFG product.

TFGear Force 8